Award-winning Italian composer, arranger, conductor, producer, singer and teacher.


[kom-puhzishuh n]

a work of music, art, or literature

I’ve never heard of him…

Most of the people on earth

Erik Bosio has that something in him that makes an idea for a composition or arrangement come out as very good music.

Peder Karlsson, Real Academy

If you have a composition in your mind, you play it and play it, but it just doesn’t convince you. You can trust Erik. Seriously, he’s the best musical ideas translator in the world.

Letizia Poltini, CLUSTER

Erik’s work is simply brilliant. His music isn’t just catchy or complicated. It sets a mood, imposes a setting, and tells a story, even before the lyrics are set.

Although Erik is jovial and fun, he’s serious about his work and exceeds every project related expectation. His compositions are elevated because of his experience performing, as he’s clearly put thought into the how and why a piece will be performed.

Amanda Cornaglia, Euphonism/Clear Harmonies

Writing lyrics for his music has always been a pleasure. Funny person, great friend, stunning musician, awesome drinking companion. Am I supposed to call this “work”?

Sara Boero

Erik facilitated the eating of some the finest risotto I’ve ever had. Also he’s a genius composer, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who can match his musical empathy and pure emotional understanding of composition.

Charlie Friday, Snowday

Erik Bosio composed absolutely stunning music to ‘Never More Will The Wind’. This piece has become one of my favorite examples of ‘Music to poetry in excellence’.

John Kjøller, BASIX

What’s New, Erik?

Welcome to my new home!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my brand new website! I couldn’t be more excited and I’m looking forward to what the new year will bring. Thank you, Matt Atherton and purpleplanet, for making me look like a professional, innit!


[pruhduhk-shuh n]

the supervision of the arrangement, recording, and mixing of a record

Pensa alla faccia di @Luttazzi il giorno che #youtube è diventato popolare.

I wish some amazing director could turn #Bukowski's #Pulp into a movie. With @TheJeffBridges as Nick Belane.

There is only one true god.
His name's Geoffrey, and he lives in my fridge.
You can't prove me wrong.



the act or profession of a person who teaches



tasks requiring considerable or concerted effort