Erik’s studio, “Alma Productions”, is situated in Basaluzzo, Italy and specializes in modern a cappella, albums and tracks. Groups such as The Swingle Singers, The Real Group and Cluster, to name a few, have produced and co-produced here.

Erik would love to help you bring your musical ideas to life. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, if it’s a cappella or just you and your guitar.

If your group is missing a member for the session, or if you need to add a rock band to your voice and guitar demo, we’ll find a way to make it all work. For what it’s worth, Erik’s fridge is always supplied with the finest beers.

Studio Equipment

  • Microphones

    AKG C12, Neumann U87, Neumann TLM 49…and a Ribera r47 coming soon!

  • Pre-amps

    Neve 1073LB, API 512C, Avalon M5

  • Compressors/Limiters

    UREI 1176LN A/D D/A converters

  • Sound Cards

    Prism Orpheus, Prism Lyra

  • Monitors

    KRK VXT8, Yamaha HS80M

  • DAWs

    Cubase 7, Logic X

…And tons of the coolest plug-ins!