Cluster is an all-vocal group founded in Genoa in 2004 by five young students of the Paganini Conservatory. Since then, they have performed concerts in Italy and throughout Europe showcasing their unique style, which combines elements of pop and jazz fusion. Their first album, Cement (2007), is the first disc in Italian history to be awarded 3 CARA nominations (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards) and it reached the number one spot on iTunes Italia in April 2008. In 2008, they released an EP of tracks performed on the TV show X-Factor. In 2009 they released Steps, a natural evolution from “Cement”, which demonstrated their artistic growth. Later in 2009, they released Christmas Present, an ambitious, popular, and innovative project that received several CARAs in 2010, including the award for Best Christmas Album.

Over the last few years, Cluster has had the honour of performing and sharing the stage with Italian stars Andrea Bocelli, Mario Bondi, Gigi d’Alessio, Fiorello, and many others.

Their latest video, Ti Sento, has already captured serious attention worldwide. Meanwhile, they let audiences in on their sense of humour with their growing series of YouTube’s greatest hits which continue to amuse, amaze and entertain.

The Ghost Files

In 2006, Erik, Andrea Figallo and Letizia Poltini came together to create The Ghost Files, a recording project with the goal of delivering high quality all-vocal music. Two compositions by Erik, Never More Will The Wind (musical setting of the poem by H.D.) and Come Bock Home, are contained in the group’s first album, New Folder, available on iTunes.

Alfredo’s BOX

A female choir entirely composed of musicians and singing students. The choir’s goal is to create something that is rarely done in the choral scene: originals. Their first album is due to release later this year.