Erik is available for groups and choirs coaching and for seminars with specific topics, such as arranging or recording techniques. His teaching skills have already been a great success at:


Feeling bogged down about how to make it all work? Not sure what to prioritise as you build your group and look for ways to grow?

Erik Bosio, of the international award-winning Cluster, will take you on a time machine to 12 years ago, when he first started his professional music career. He will share the lessons he’s learned since then and what he has found to be the most important.

Bosio will go over the hows and whys of creating music, helping participants grasp the whole picture. See where you are headed as a musician or as a group and understand where it is that you really want to go. The two may not be the same.

This program will explore all aspects of music arranging, composing, recording, producing, and live performances and discover their relation to each other. In the end, music is one thing that includes many smaller parts that are all equally important.

Singers should understand chord structure. Sound engineers should understand the value of vocal warm ups. Composers and arrangers should care about the latest recording technology and approaches. Good music comes from awareness of all of these steps.